The North Experience

Step 1 – Consultation

This is where your North Medical experience begins! Our complimentary, comprehensive consultation offers a deep dive into your skin health and goals so we can build a customized treatment plan just for you.

Using our innovative Visia™ Photo Imaging system, we’ll scan your face to look beneath the skin’s surface, identify any UV damage, wrinkles, pore size, skin texture, red areas or brown spots, and track your results over time with the system’s high-resolution photos.

This is an important first step in your journey with North as it provides time for an open discussion of your skin goals and treatment options, empowering you with choice.


Step 2 – You Can Sit With Us

It’s important for us to meet with you first so we can thoroughly understand your areas of concern and establish a plan to meet your needs. Also, this initial introduction ensures that during your treatment you feel more relaxed, comfortable and taken care of.

Step 3 – Maintain and Gain

We will always make recommendations for home care so that the progress we are working to achieve is supported at home! We love to work with what you have and build a great routine over time.

Step 4 – Let’s Go Steady

Good things take time, and the same can be said for healthy, glowing skin. As Your Best Friend in Good Skincare, we hope you come visit us often to build and maintain your results!


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