Tear Trough Fillers

Our Tear Trough Filler will wake up your eyes. With this treatment, dermal fillers are injected directly under the hollow of the under eye between the lower eyelid and cheek, effectively lifting the tear trough up. The trough filler smooths the appearance of the undereye area, helps to lighten dark circles and erase hallows under the eyes for a more rested, refreshed appearance.


One of our injectors will assess, consult and walk through your desired results. They will review your medical history and answer any questions before the treatment begins.

Before this non-surgical treatment, we will examine your facial structure to determine where to administer the fillers. Small amounts of filler will be injected into the areas where you have lost volume using a cannula technique. This technique minimizes risk and the potential of bruising.

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Customizable to you.

We encourage everyone to come in for a complimentary consultation, during which we will go over all the details of this treatment including cost and what to expect.

Tear Trough Filler is priced by syringe. A half syringe is $400 and our full syringe is $700.

Your Questions Answered

Does a Tear Trough Filler Hurt?

Dermal fillers contain a pain-reducing local anesthetic to help manage any discomfort,  ensuring the process is as painless as possible. Your Medical practitioner will also apply a topical numbing cream to mitigate further discomfort.

How long is the treatment?

The treatment typically takes around 35 – 45 minutes and we block off a full hour to be able to answer any and all your questions before proceeding with treatment.

Is there any downtime after Tear Trough Filler?

Downtime is minimal, and most people can return to work or normal activities right away. If you experience any swelling, tenderness or bruising, it typically only lasts a couple of days.

When will I see the results?

You will typically see results immediately, however if there is any swelling, it should go down in a couple of days, and you’ll be able to see the full results subsequently over the next couple of weeks as the product attracts hydration. Depending on the area being treated, tear trough fillers can last between 6-18 months.

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